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Hate Crimes

September 1, 2017 2:14 PM
We have had four (4) bias-related incidents occur on the UMBC Campus recently.  These incidents have involved the drawing of a swastika, two in a bathroom and two in a classroom.
Please "Do Not" attempt to remove or destroy the offensive material prior contacting the police. It could be a key evidence to the investigation and resolution of the case. Once this evidence has been collected at the scene, including photographs, then the police department will promptly clean up the damage to prevent any further hateful activity or retaliation. To better assist the police department in investigating these incidents we ask anyone who sees what is thought to be a hate crime or bias-incident to contact the UMBC Police immediately (5-5555 / 410-455-5555).

The UMBC Police Department is committed to protecting all members of the campus community by preventing and prosecuting bias or hate crimes that occur within the campus's jurisdiction.

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