On-Line Immigration SCAM

On-Line Immigration SCAM

A re-occurring crime on UMBC’s campus is the “On-Line Immigration SCAM.” This can involve a telephone caller or an e-mail where the caller/ sender falsely identifies themselves as members of the United States Department of Homeland Security. It is so common; that the governmental agency has listed a section of their website for scams to avoid.

The student is ordered to send immediate payment through the use of a “Google,” Western Union, PayPal, or Green Dot payment cards. The scammers use these forms of payment as they do not force the scammer to reveal their true identity. They threaten to deport anyone who doesn’t cooperate.

Con artists are quite convincing; the term comes from the longer form: “Confidence Man” – someone skilled at gaining your confidence in them. They use nasty, foul language or threats and are unprofessional. This is NOT how the US Government acts.

  1. Do not forward, transfer, or “wire” money to the requestor.
  2. They demand immediate payment.
  3. The use of unprofessional language, nasty or threatening words or actions. US government employees are instructed to perform their duties in a businesslike fashion. Suspect anyone who is un-businesslike.
  4. A contact email address that is not a primary domain. For example, US Government emails always use the domain: “.gov”

If you are a victim or suspect that a caller or e-mailer is committing a scam directed at you or another member of our campus community; Contact: Detective Chester Smith at smithcht@umbc.edu