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Hate Bias Incident

Racial slur written on dry erase board

October 23, 2019 9:42 AM

Hate/Bias Incident

October 22, 2019 

UMBC tracks, investigates, and reports hate-bias incidents on our campus. Hate-bias incidents are acts that could be interpreted as expressions of hate or bias against a particular group or individual because of their membership, perceived or actual, in that group. These acts may range from those considered to be offensive to acts that threaten or cause physical harm. Such incidents are inconsistent with UMBC values, including our community’s respect for diversity and inclusion. We believe it is important to alert our campus community about these divisive and hurtful occurrences. 

Incident:  Offensive slur written on white board

Location:  Chesapeake Hall

Date/Time:  10/22/19, 11:24pm.

Incident Description:  A Resident Assistant (RA) reported a racial slur written on a resident’s white board. Neither the RA nor the students had additional information about who may have written the slur.

If you have any information about this incident, please call the UMBC Police at 410-455-5555.

UMBC students, faculty, staff members or visitors who choose to violate relevant policies and laws are solely responsible for their actions. University authorities will make every effort to sanction individuals who violate those policies and laws. Please be aware that the decision to violate these policies and laws may endanger your academic success and personal freedom.

Safety Tips

The UMBC police provides an escort service for anyone who feels unsafe when walking on or near campus. If you would like an escort please call 410-455-5555. If you observe suspicious activity or behavior, contact the police immediately by calling 410-455-5555

Paul Dillon

Chief of Police