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Emergency Alerts

The UMBC Police in conjunction with the Office of Information Technology have developed a comprehensive “Campus Wide” emergency notification system. There are several ways that members of the campus community will be alerted in the event of an emergency. The “Alertus Desktop” is a program that can be installed on any desktop or laptop connected to UMBC servers. When an emergency occurs and an emergency text alert is sent, Alertus Desktop will pop up a full-screen alert on all or select PCs and Macs taking over the whole screen with a warning that’s impossible to miss.  You are also encouraged to visit, “MY UMBC” to register your mobile data device and cellular telephones for text alerts.  Although the number of characters of the text is limited, you will be provided enough information to avoid or mitigate your exposure to the emergency or event. In conjunction with these two platforms, anyone with a UMBC email address will be alerted to the emergency via e-mail.  Lastly, there is a siren located on campus to alert the community of an emergency. After the siren sounds listen closely to message that follows. It will direct you and give you information as to what actions to take next. This emergency notification platform will prove invaluable to community members who don’t carry a cell phone or have poor cell phone reception. It also adds another layer of redundancy to UMBC’s emergency notification system. If you are still not registered for the emergency text alert system please register at where you can also download the Alertus Desktop for your Mac or PC.

Our goal is to clearly communicate  emergency situations to the campus community. These alerts should be taken seriously. If you are alerted via this Emergency Alert platform, take the necessary actions or precautions. Encourage others to adhere to the advice of the alert. It is our goal to minimize any damage caused by any natural or man made emergency on campus. Your cooperation is essential in achieving this goal.