Active Assailant Awareness

The threat of an attack on college campuses continues to be a serious concern.  UMBC provides training on active assailant awareness focusing on actions you can take to help escape and survive an attack on or off campus.  The objective of our awareness training is to help you condition yourself to be a SURVIVOR instead of a victim.

Active Assailant Response Guides

You must have a strategy to survive the first 5 critical minutes of an active assailant attack before law enforcement arrives.

Survivors must make life and death decisions quickly.  Use these guides to learn how you can escape and survive an attack:

Weapons are prohibited on UMBC’s campus and at all UMBC facilities and grounds.  Call UMBC Police at (410) 455-5555 if you witness a firearm in a prohibited location.


Active Assailant Training and Resources

UMBC wants all students, faculty, and staff to know the actions to take to help escape and survive an attack on or off campus.

Active Assailant Awareness Training requires about 90 mins to include time for questions.  Email to schedule in-person training for your team.  Training and resources: