Emergency Operations Plan

Our Base Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is reviewed at least annually.  This plan illustrates our institutional framework for coordinating diverse emergency management capabilities for the UMBC community.

EOP Structure:

  • We separate the response structure (base plan) from detailed procedures (appendices) and strategic activities (annexes).  This helps facilitate updates to each plan component.
  • EOP Appendices describe operational procedures in detailed “How-To-Guides.”  Expect these to change often as we integrate lessons learned.  These resources can be found on our Notification and Response Procedures webpage.
  • The EOP Annexes listed below are coordinated agreements that fulfill strategic purposes.  Expect these to remain stable and require fewer updates unless there are significant organizational changes.

The 3P Plan integrates readiness measures for security threats, specifically:  1) active assailant attacks; 2) bomb threats or threats of terrorism; and 3) suspicious mail/packages, devices, or vehicles. This plan describes how UMBC integrates training and resources, situational awareness, and safety measures to improve the readiness of UMBC community members for these security threats.  Resources:

The Crisis Management Plan provides guidance to support the UMBC President when responding to a crisis.  The plan includes clear reporting and escalation protocols, response structures and team roles, and crisis communications procedures.  Resources:

The Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) describes the processes UMBC uses to identify essential functions and the actions we take to ensure their continuous performance during periods of disruption.

The Outbreak Response Plan describes response to an outbreak of a contagious disease on our campus or at an affiliate location.  This plan is administered by Retriever Integrated Health (RIH) and approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs.  Resources:

  • Emergency Management Strategic PlanFebruary 2023 – this plan provides strategic direction to build and enhance our capabilities
  • Emergency Management Concept of OperationsSeptember 2023 – this presentation illustrates roles and responsibilities at the executive, strategic, and tactical leadership levels
  • Testing, Training, and Exercise (TT&E) Plan – Coming Soon
  • Corrective Action & Improvement Plan – Coming Soon