Facility Emergency Action Plans

Facility Emergency Action Plans (FEAPs) facilitate workplace, learning space, and living area readiness.


Planning Resources

The FEAP for each campus building centralizes all it’s unique emergency management information in one document.  Contact your Facility Manager to review your building’s plan. Expect these plans to be long, comprehensive documents, capturing all institutional and specialized knowledge about each of our buildings.

Because of this complexity, the FEAP is NOT meant for response.  It is a reference guide to facilitate additional planning and training.

Emergency Planning for Campus Buildings

For immediate assistance on campus:

  • Call UMBC Police at (410) 455-5555. UMBC Police will relay your emergency to 911.
  • Provide your location on campus and include your building, floor, and room number.

Immediate response actions – a 5-step action plan for any emergency:

  • DETECT – What do you observe? What have you been told? Record your observations.
  • VERIFY – Confirm impacts on people, buildings, or operations? How severe?
  • NOTIFY – Who has been called? Who must you call? Our goal is to activate an awareness text alert within 15 mins of detection.
  • ACT – Is there a threat to life safety or security? Evacuate or seek shelter. Ensure your personal safety and the safety of others.
  • END? – Restart at step 1 when conditions change. Wait for the all-clear before resuming normal activities.

Utility and elevator emergencies:

  • During normal hours, call Work Control at: (410) 455-2550.
  • After normal hours, call Central Plant at: (410) 455-1988 or (410) 455-2202.

Hazmat or workplace safety:

  • During normal hours, call Environmental Safety & Health (ESH) at: (410) 455-2918.
  • After normal hours,
  • UMBC Police at (410) 455-5555.

Emergency Action Plans for Your Building

Use the menus below to find find EVACUATION, SHELTER-IN-PLACE, and LOCKDOWN procedures for your building.  Go to our Active Assailant Awareness webpage to learn actions you can take to survive an attack on or off campus.

  • EVACUATION:  If a threat to your safety is INSIDE your building, like a fire, bomb threat, or an active assailant, you must EVACUATE.  Rally point, assembly area, and assistance center maps will show you where to go.
  • SHELTER-IN-PLACE:  If an environmental threat to your safety, like severe weather or a hazardous material accident, occurs OUTSIDE your building, you must SHELTER-IN-PLACE.  Internal shelter area floorplans will show you where to go when UMBC Police issue a SHELTER order.
  • LOCKDOWN:  If a SECURITY THREAT, like an active assailant, is occurring OUTSIDE your building, lockdown procedures will help take action to prevent an armed intruder from entering your building, your classroom, workplace, or living space.
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  • Stadium Complex – Coming Soon
  • True Grit’s – Coming Soon
  • University Center – Coming Soon
  • Apartment Community Center – Coming Soon
  • Chesapeake Hall – Coming Soon
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  • Harbor Hall – Coming Soon
  • Hillside Apartments – Coming Soon
  • Patapsco Hall – Coming Soon
  • Potomac Hall – Coming Soon
  • Susquehanna Hall – Coming Soon
  • Terrace Apartments – Coming Soon
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  • Preschool Center – Coming Soon
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  • Shady Grove – Building I – Coming Soon
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  • Technology Center – Coming Soon
  • Technology Research Center – Coming Soon
  • UMBC Training Centers – Coming Soon
  • US Geological Survey – Coming Soon
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