Facility Emergency Action Plans

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OHSA) publishes standards for emergency action plans Your building’s Facility Emergency Action Plan (FEAP) facilitates workplace, learning space, and living area readiness.  Contact your designated Facility Manager for more information about this plan.  Your FEAP is a comprehensive product that collects all the unique information about your building in one document.  But facility emergencies can be complicated and confusing, so the menus below provide simple response solutions.

For most building emergencies, your response plan is simple:  “GO or STAY.”

  • If there is a threat to your safety INSIDE your building, like a fire, bomb threat, or an active assailant, you must EVACUATE.
  • Rally point, assembly area, and assistance center maps for each building will show you where to go.  These can be found for each building in the menus below.
  • For more information, review our Emergency Action Procedures for building evacuation.
  • The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) publishes FAQs for building evacuation.
  • If an environmental threat to your safety, like severe weather or a hazardous material accident, occurs OUTSIDE your building, you must SHELTER-IN-PLACE.
  • Internal shelter area floorplans will show you where to go when UMBC Police issue a SHELTER order.  Indoor shelter areas can be found for each building in the menus below.
  • A shelter-in-place order may take two forms:
    • SHELTER ACTION:  This action may require you to move to your floor’s indoor shelter areas.
    • INTERNAL RELOCATION:  This action may require you to move to a different floor or area of your building. You may use stairs or elevators unless directed not to do so.
  • Know the difference between SHELTER-IN-PLACE and LOCKDOWN.
    • SHELTER-IN-PLACE:  An order issued for environmental hazards outside your building such as severe weather or hazardous materials accident.  Go to interior shelter areas:  interior corridors, interior stairwells, and internal spaces on the ground level and first level.  These shelter areas do not provide protection from an active assailant.
    • LOCKDOWN:  An order issued for a security threat, like an active assailant.  This action is meant to prevent an armed intruder from entering your building, your classroom, workplace, or living space.  When police order a lockdown, go to the closest safe haven:  an interior room that provides protection and concealment.
    • For more information, review our Lock Down and Safe Haven GuidelinesSeptember 2023

Emergency Planning for Campus Buildings

For immediate assistance on campus:  Call UMBC Police at (410) 455-5555 to report a fire or other facility related emergency.  Police will relay the information to 911 and direct fire, EMS, and police to your location

Use the menus below to review the Facility Emergency Action Plan for each building.  Go to our Active Assailant Awareness webpage to learn actions you can take to survive an attack on or off campus.

  • Apartment Community Center – Coming Soon
  • Chesapeake Hall – Coming Soon
  • Erickson Hall – Coming Soon
  • Harbor Hall – Coming Soon
  • Hillside Apartments – Coming Soon
  • Patapsco Hall – Coming Soon
  • Potomac Hall – Coming Soon
  • Susquehanna Hall – Coming Soon
  • Terrace Apartments – Coming Soon
  • Walker Avenue Apartments – Coming Soon
  • West Hill Apartments – Chester – Coming Soon
  • West Hill Apartments – Choptank – Coming Soon
  • West Hill Apartments – Magothy – Coming Soon
  • West Hill Apartments – Tangier – Coming Soon
  • West Hill Apartments – Wye – Coming Soon
  • Administration Building – Coming Soon
  • Central Plant – Coming Soon
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  • Preschool Center – Coming Soon
  • Satellite Utility Plant – Coming Soon
  • Tech 2 Building – Coming Soon
  • Warehouse – Coming Soon
  • BWTech North – Coming Soon
  • BWTech South – Coming Soon
  • Choice/Shriver Center, Hyattsville – Coming Soon
  • Lion Brothers Building – Coming Soon
  • OCA Mocha – Coming Soon
  • Rita Rossi Colwell Center – Coming Soon
  • Universities at Shady Grove (USG) – Coming Soon

Additional Planning Resources for Facility Managers

Your FEAP is a reference guide to help with additional planning and training.  Review these links for more information: