Readiness means we have resources in place to deal with an emergency, we are able to use those resources, take immediate action, and mitigate the negative impacts of an actual incident.  

Facility Readiness Assessments

A readiness assessment is not an inspection; it is a conversation meant for problem solving and improving situational awareness.  Our goal is to complete a readiness assessment for each building on campus and for off-campus affiliate locations.  We conduct a walkthrough of your space, review occupant behaviors, and identify ways to apply RUN-HIDE-FIGHT survivor actions in a real environment.  Email to schedule a readiness assessment for your facility.  Objectives:

  • Identify potential solutions and resources that can improve readiness for all building occupants.
  • Verify procedures to use existing resources, take immediate action, and mitigate negative impacts of an actual incident.
  • Identify potential changes to the physical environment and to workplace behavior or procedure to promote safety, security, and overall situational awareness.
  • Readiness Assessment Overview and MethodologyJune 2023

Personal Readiness

Each of us are responsible for our personal readiness.  Planning for emergencies can feel overwhelming.  Use these on-line guides to help simplify the process,  Resources: