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Email Scams at UMBC

Phishing email messages, websites, and phone calls are designed to steal money. Cybercriminals can do this by installing malicious software on your computer or stealing personal information off of your computer. Cybercriminals also use social engineering to convince you to install malicious software or hand over your personal information under false pretenses. They might email you, call you on the phone, or convince you to download something off of a website. Never provide personal information or send money to someone without verfiying. Contact UMBC Police Department if anyone tries to threaten you or request money.




  • Job Opening - Full-Time University Police Officer II

    UMBC Police is hiring a Full-Time Police Officer. Please see the details below. We encourage you to share this with anyone who might be interested. Job no: 492420 Work type: Staff Full-time...
    Posted: December 20, 2017 11:04 PM
  • E-Mail Scam Includes Hit-Man Threat

    New email scams have begun to show up at various campuses nationwide. The below message content may change but they all threaten to kill the recipient if a certain amount of money is not paid to...
    Posted: December 12, 2017 6:45 PM
  • Email Scams

    How to recognize phishing email messages and links: Phishing email messages, websites, and phone calls are designed to steal money. Cybercriminals can do this by installing malicious...
    Posted: November 27, 2017 3:53 PM
  • Staying Safe!

    Bad things can and do happen and the world can sometimes seem like a very scary place. Fortunately there are some precautions you can take to reduce risks. Check these internal and external...
    Posted: October 26, 2017 3:47 PM
  • Online Job Scams @ UMBC

    A re-occurring crime on UMBC’s campus is the “Online Job Scams”. Job seekers who use online job search web sites must be careful to avoid a type of job scam in which the applicant is asked to...
    Posted: October 6, 2017 11:53 AM
  • Crime Alert

    Indecent Exposure at the Library
    Crime Alerts are issued by the UMBC Police to alert the campus community of incidents on Campus that could compromise safety.     Incident:       Indecent Exposure Location:      5th floor of...
    Posted: September 12, 2017 9:29 PM
  • Emergency Alerts

    Alerts provide a way for UMBC to communicate with you that is more reliable, more personal, and more secure than standard email. Alerts are Important When you receive an alert, it usually means...
    Posted: September 12, 2017 11:43 AM
  • Welcome to UMBC

    We hope you are enjoying your classes and events on campus. We encourage you to join UMBC Police group on myUMBC. We'll be posting emergency alerts, updates on crime, events and other important...
    Posted: September 1, 2017 2:38 PM
  • Hate Crimes

      We have had four (4) bias-related incidents occur on the UMBC Campus recently.  These incidents have involved the drawing of a swastika, two in a bathroom and two in a classroom.  ...
    Posted: September 1, 2017 2:14 PM

    Crime Alert from the UMBC Police Department 410-455-5555   Crime Alerts are issued to inform the UMBC Campus of any situation that poses a potential threat to the safety and/or property of...
    Posted: April 25, 2017 3:38 PM