Ride Along Program

UMBC students, employees, and community members are encouraged to participate in the Police Ride-Along program to learn more about the department and gain firsthand experience of a police officer’s tour of duty. Anyone interested should apply using the form below. Please note, submitting the form is considered authorization for the UMBC Police Department to conduct a criminal record check.

Ride Along Application

Ride Along Program Rules & Guidelines

  • Participants must be eighteen years of age or older
  • Participation is limited to two (2) Ride Alongs per year
  • Ride Alongs are two (2) hours long, but can be terminated by the participant at any time
  • Participants must always comply with officers’ instructions
  • Participants are always required to wear a seat belt in the vehicle
  • Participants are prohibited from entering a residence without the expressed consent of the resident
  • Participants should wear appropriate casual attire. Shorts, dresses/skirts, ripped jeans, sandals, and t-shirts with offensive logos/graphics are not permitted.
  • Participants are prohibited from carrying weapons
  • Participants are required to sign a Police Ride Along Waiver of Liability Form
  • Participants must authorize and pass a criminal background check prior to Ride Along