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Emergency Alerts

September 12, 2017 11:43 AM

Alerts provide a way for UMBC to communicate with you that is more reliable, more personal, and more secure than standard email.

  • Alerts are Important
    When you receive an alert, it usually means that there is something you need to do. In some cases, failure to take action on an alert may prevent you from performing other university functions.
  • Alerts are Personal
    You will not receive alerts that do not apply specifically to you. In contrast to email, you can be sure that an alert holds some relevance to you.
  • Acknowledging Messages
    After reading and acting on a message, you need to Acknowledge it to remove it from your Messages list.
Emergency Alerts

UMBC has partnered with e2campus to create an emergency alert system using your text messaging or email. Emergency alerts also will show in myUMBC.

NOTE: This service will only be used for alerts deemed as urgent or critical to the UMBC community. UMBC will not "spam" users via text messaging.

Setup e2campus Alerts

Receive alerts via text message (SMS) or email.

Download Alertus Software

Receive alerts on your computer.

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